The Complicated Task of Organizational Change….

Welcome to the end of this incredible course!  For years I’ve wanted to see change in education.  I’ve explored and experimented in my own classroom to find the best ways to get children to engage in learning.  I have had the passion to see change for a while and now I have the resources to successful implement a plan that could transform my district.  So many teachers want to do things the way we used to do them and they way that’s comfortable.  I think that phrase “it’s the way we’ve always done it” can be very dangerous.  The world … Continue reading The Complicated Task of Organizational Change….

Focusing in the Wildly Important Goals

I’ve learned a lot throughout this course so far.  I’ve always been fascinated by how we behave as humans and how we interact with each other.  We all approach the world in different ways and we understand things from different perspectives.  It’s the collective ideas and approaches of diverse individuals that can come up with innovative ideas.  However bringing these ideas to fruition can bring many challenges as I have learned.  All throughout my life I’ve always had big ideas.  I like to dream and I dream big.  I’m really good at the dreaming part, but as my wife would … Continue reading Focusing in the Wildly Important Goals

Influence and Behaviors

I’ve always been fascinated by why people do what they do.  I’ve observed so many people over the years who don’t seem to be happy with what they are doing.  I always wanted to find something that I loved doing so much that it didn’t feel like work.  That’s why I love Simon Sineks video about why.  He pointed out why certain companies and certain people were more successful in what they did despite having the same resources as everyone else because they knew why they did it.  It’s been very interesting now looking at the influencer model explain how … Continue reading Influence and Behaviors

Why do we do it….?

When I first saw Simon Sinek’s TED talk about how great people and great companies always know why they do what they do I was blown away.  I felt like he just explained to me something that I knew to be true, but I did not know how to explain it.  Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to be.  I wanted to be some of the typical things like a veterinarian because I loved animals.  I never really felt like I discover my passion in school.  I knew though that I did not want to have a … Continue reading Why do we do it….?

Reflecting on Last 5 Years

As I look back over that last five years I have realized that my views on technology in education are constantly shifting.  This is likely due to the fact that technology is changing so rapidly and I’m always looking for new ways to adapt my techniques and make things better for my students.  When I first started using technology it was simply about the fun and the engagement that the students experienced when using technology.  I always wanted learning to be fun because in my past experiences as a student I didn’t really enjoy school.  I wanted to change that … Continue reading Reflecting on Last 5 Years

Professional Learning Network

Through out my career in education I’ve learned a lot about the power of community.  We all have a local community that we use to bounce ideas off of and share creative ideas with.  Thanks to technology that community is now far greater than it used to be.  Since I started teaching I’ve always been a big fan of looking for new ideas through other teachers blogs.  I would research and find blogs and tech articles that shared innovative approaches to using technology to enhance education.  This was a great thing form me because it helped spark some of my … Continue reading Professional Learning Network

ADE Application Video

Below is my video that I submitted for the 2015 Apple Distinguished Educators class.  I was thrilled and overwhelmed that I got in!  I was honored to be included in such an amazing group of educators.  I learned so much and I’m continuing to work with so many of them to truly transform education for this new generation.  Good luck to the class of 2017!  I look forward to meeting all of you and to learn from the amazing things you are doing in education.  Below is my ADE application video.   Continue reading ADE Application Video