Innovation Plan



Look around you….things are changing

If you take a look around I’m sure you will notice things that are not the way they used to be.  Things are changing all around us whether we agree with it or not things will change.  Change has always been occurring, but with the advances in technology things are changing even faster.  As educators our job is to prepare the students for a future that we can’t predict.  How do we do that?  How do we create a system that prepares students for a future we can not see?  I believe the answer is to simply teach children to love learning.

Children come to us with a love for learning.  They want to explore and discover everything they can. I want to see us implement a personalized learning plan for our students so that we can  encourage that love of learning that they come in with.  Through a personalized plan we can be sure to meet students where they are and encourage growth where they need it most.  It provides teachers with an opportunity to get to know their learners on a deeper and more personal level.  These are important things in the process of learning because learning is a deeply personal experience.

The most important aspect of a personalized learning model though is it’s ability to allow for more choice and more voice in students education.  Why should the teacher be in control of the student’s learning?  Giving students more control over how they learn will increase student interest.  For more on what I have discovered during this process please see below my innovation plan, literature review, and my implementation plan.  They will discuss more in detail the benefits of a personalized model in education.

My Innovation Plan

Literature Review

Implementation Outline

For further research please feel free to check out the books and articles listed below.

Digital Learning Now – BL Implementation Guide.pdf