Task Cards

This page is for an idea I had after iPadpalooza.  I wanted to make a plan for next year so that I could have my students do more projects and creating.  One of the greatest things about iPadpalooza was that it was all about creativity and sharing.  We need everyone to share their great ideas so the people around the world have access to all this knowledge.

With that in mind I’m beginning a collaboration project.  This is open for anyone that wants to participate.  I’ve created a google drive that I can share so that we can all share resources.  What I want to do is create task cards.  Each task card will provide simple instruction for students to complete.  They can have access to whatever resource they need either digital or physical.  They complete the task and then at the end of every task card they create a video to share their knowledge.  They can be as creative as they want to solve the problem in different ways.

I’d like to also link the task cards to Aurasmas so that students can scan the card and pull up helpful videos on the subject.  I have started creating cards and will continue to create them for 2nd grade math.  If you would like to join the shared drive just contact me either through twitter or my contact page.  Below are some examples of the first cards made in Keynote.

I will be releasing an iBook as part of my ADE project in the next few months.  This will detail more about the project and how you can apply it in your classroom!

1- building numbers                          2-using number line

3- numbers in different forms                           4- comparing numbers


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